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"I was sceptical never having tried any products before - however it was only about a week before I noticed I wasn’t having the swollen bloated tummy and my clothes felt looser even at the end of the day - I hadn’t altered my eating habits or diet in any way - my energy levels increased and I couldn’t seriously believe how much of a difference I was and still do experience - I can’t ever run out as I only allowed this once and within a few days I noticed the difference in my sluggishness" - xx sue xx

I am 55 year old  mum and grandma who works full time.

I have always been a curvy woman and when I reached 41 I had a surprise baby... then my weight literally ballooned! I was size 22/24, weighed 18 stone and at 5ft tall was morbidly obese.

Sue Rhubarb Complex Success Story

Sue Before Rhubarb Complex

My Daughter needed me around so I made a decision to try to lose weight. This was not an easy task as I’m vegetarian, gluten intolerant and have an under active thyroid.

Sue and her Daughter - Rhubarb Complex Story

Diet and exercise was hard and although I started to lose weight I was constantly feeling “fat”. I saw constant adverts for Rhubarb Complex on my Facebook and thought “why not give it a try”. Within the first week I felt so much better - not so lethargic or bloated, so as my weight dropped my energy levels rose and month after month I reordered Rhubarb complex, combining it with turmeric for joint support.

Sue - Rhubarb Complex Success Story

People started commenting on my weight loss and I told them how Rhubarb Complex has been my magical capsule.

My BMI had been 45 and it’s now down to 29. I have never felt better!
I have always had a zest for life and I can seriously say that your products were and still are the part of my daily routine - I go to the gym now, am wearing size 12 clothes and feel absolutely fantastic.

Sue and her Daughter - Rhubarb Complex Story

Totally love this past year and the transformation which has taken  place - I feel so invigorated and being sceptical in the beginning I am so glad I ordered this natural product.

Sue - Rhubarb Complex Success!
Sue's Rhubarb Complex Success Photo

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Discover Sue's Rhubarb Complex Success Story