About us

Here at Twenty First Century Herbs we don’t just view herbal remedies as a supplement, but rather as a lifestyle. We have used our collective experience, spanning 85 years, to develop the best natural herbal supplements that treat the most common ailments seen today. Historically, plants are the grandfather of all medicines and were the only medicines available as late as the 1900’s. The vast knowledge the Human race has about herbs is at risk of being lost in old wives tales and past generations. We want to re-establish herbs as part of the 21st Century modern day life, providing treatments targeted at the sole cause rather than just the symptoms. We want to make all our natural herbal remedies accessible to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Natural herbs at Twenty First Century Herbs

Founder of Twenty First Century Herbs, Nik Imrye, has long been established as a leader in the field of herbal medicine, being a longstanding member of The Guild of Master Herbalists. He has worked for some of the largest herbal companies in the UK, along with lecturing at Manchester University and devising the qualification for Naturopathic Medicine. He has since taken all his knowledge and created a company and an extensive range of products that are based on his expertise and designed with the customer in mind. 

One of the unique qualities of Nik is that he practices what he preaches. His home is situated in Britain’s last wilderness, where he grows many rare, unobtainable species of plants. Part of the ethos at Twenty First Century Herbs is that we always make sure the products we provide are remedies that we ourselves would take, and we do. 

Our goal is to provide healthy, 100% natural remedies in every sense of the word; therefore each and every one of our products is suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike. They are more powerful than other leading herbal supplements on the market today so you can be confident that you wont find any bulk filler in our products, just simple, effective herbs that will revitalise your body, optimise your performance and help keep you in optimum health. 

Feel free to browse our website and if you have any questions prior to buying please don't hesitate yo get in touch by emailing us at sales@twentyfirstcenturyherbs.com, or calling our helpline on 01434 606323