Real Reviews

Perhaps you've heard of Twenty First Century Herbs but are unsure whether to give us a try? Maybe you've heard about our all natural Award Winning Rhubarb Complex® and want to know what all the fuss is about?

Well, we've created this page to show exactly what our customers think of our amazing natural products. You might think we're blowing our own trumpet but when you take a look at the reviews you'll realise why!

These are real reviews from real customers. Nothing edited, no spellings corrected, just the honest truth..... exactly how it should be. 

Discover Sonya's passion and love of Rhubarb Complex® and why she has made 3 purchases already. It has helped with her IBS, complexion and constipation. She thinks Rhubarb Complex® is amazing and she can't recommend it enough.


'Absoulutely amazing!' is what Alenya thinks of Rhubarb Complex®. Watch how Rhubarb Complex® has helped improve the quality of Alenya's day to day life.


See why Jo considers Rhubarb Complex® to be her 'magic pill' and how it has helped treat her IBS, constipation and bloating.



See Helen's Rhubarb Complex® success story and discover how taking it has helped her lose weight and improve her overall health.


By taking Turmeric alongside Rhubarb Complex® Sam has got relief from joint discomfort and she a few pounds in weight too.


Angela's skin, hair & nails have dramatically improved whilst taking Rhubarb Complex®. She also has a flatter stomach and doesn't feel bloated and believes she will be a lifelong fan! 


Rhubarb Complex helped Claire who is a celiac. At this stage she has only been taking Rhubarb Complex for 4 nights but has seen a marked improvement with a reduction in bloating.


Marcia found relief from her bloating and gained confidence. She even lost a bit of weight whilst taking Rhubarb Complex®.


Rhubarb Complex® has helped Charlene with her IBS and she's lost 12lbs!


See how Claire is relieved from bloating & IBS with Rhubarb Complex®.


Debra found relief from IBS and bloating within the first 24 hours.


Christine started feeling well within the first 7 days!


Jo was sceptical about the reviews but now loves Rhubarb Complex®


Rhubarb Complex® helped Rachel lose 9lbs in 5 days!


Yvonne suffered with bloating. See how Rhubarb Complex® helped!


Watch how Rhubarb Complex® helped reduce bloating!


See how Louise is reaping the benefits of Rhubarb Complex®


This is Nicki's video review of how she's reaping the benefits of Rhubarb Complex®


Heather sent in this video review of Rhubarb Complex® and how it has helped with her bloating.