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Why and How Slenderize® Can Help You Lose Weight

Why and How Slenderize® Can Help You Lose Weight

Slenderize® is no joke! It's been Clinically Proven by scientists to assist with weight loss, is 100% natural and contains high quality ingredients. Read our latest bog on how Slenderize® can help you lose weight, stay healthy and feel amazing.

Slenderize® contains Konjac root. Konjac is a natural fiber obtained from the roots of a species of perennial plant that is known as voodoo lilly in many Asian countries. That's a pretty good name because, when it comes to weight loss, konjac can work like magic. However, even the best ingredient in the world will not help anyone to lose weight unless they use it sensibly. The real trick to weight loss is to make sure the body burns more calories than it receives each day. Konjac can help dieters to do this, but it must be used alongside healthy eating habits.


Why Slenderize® Is Good for Weight Loss

Although it is often used as an ingredient in certain Asian dishes, konjac contains hardly any calories at all, but its low-calorie nature is not the reason why konjac is such an effective weight loss aid.

Konjac fibers are very absorbent. They have the ability to soak up water like a sponge. As the fibers hydrate they expand and when this process happens inside the stomach the bulking effect creates a feeling of fullness similar to that which is normally experienced after eating a meal. The presence of the water-laden fibers also leaves less room for food and this makes it easier for people to feel satisfied with smaller portions at mealtimes.


How Appetite Suppression Can Help With Weight Loss

Appetite Suppression

People only need a certain amount of calories per day to maintain their normal weight. It's a case of supply and demand and when the body is supplied with more calories than it needs it converts them to fat. When the diet fails to supply enough calories to meet the body's demands it releases some of the calories that have been stored as fat and uses them for energy. When this happens people lose weight. It can be a slow process, but increasing levels of physical activity causes a greater demand for calories and this helps people to lose weight faster.

In theory, the combination of an energy-restricted diet and regular exercise should be all anyone needs to lose weight. Unfortunately, by the time people realize they have a problem with their weight they have become used to eating more food than their body needs. This makes it hard to cut back on food. The feeling of fullness konjac provides makes it easier for dieters to eat less because they will no longer be tormented by sensations of hunger.


Proof That Slenderize® Works

Proof that Slenderize® works

The appetite suppressing abilities of konjac have been put to the test in research establishments all over the world. Not all the studies were supportive of konjac's value as a weight loss aid, but the vast majority of them were.

In 2010 a panel of experts from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) examined the data obtained from many of the studies to see if a cause and effect relationship existed between konjac and weight loss. The panel members agreed that it did. However, their evaluation also took into account the way konjac had been administered and used.

Expressing their views in an article published in the EFSA journal, the experts pointed out optimum results require a dose of at least 3g of konjac fiber per day. They also stated this must be split into three 1g doses, taken before a main meal with 1-2 glasses of water, and stressed the importance of using konjac alongside an energy-restricted diet.


Concluding Thoughts

Slenderize® - Clinically Proven!

Although the EFSA has evaluated the appetite suppressing abilities of Slenderize® and endorsed its potential as an aid to weight loss, dieters need to bear in mind the recommendations made by the panel of experts. People who take a supplement that provides the recommended amount of konjac should find it easier to be satisfied with less food, but that is only half the battle won. Food will still be required. If that food is high in sugars or dietary fat weight loss may not occur. In the end, it all comes down to a matter of common sense. Konjac has the ability to control the appetite, but only you can control your eating activities.

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