The Importance of Probiotics for Good Digestive Health

Your digestive system needs live bacteria and yeasts, called probiotics, to thrive and promote a healthy digestive tract. Bacteria can be good and bad. However, probiotics are good bacteria that work to cultivate a healthy gut--which means you'll feel better. Your body needs nutrients, which you can get from natural supplements and a healthy diet, to function properly. Probiotics ensure that your digestive system is functioning correctly and that those nutrients are getting to the right places in your body.

To promote the healthy functioning of the intestines, your digestive system needs a healthy balance of microflora. Taking probiotics in your daily diet add good bacteria to your system that are lost if you have taken antibiotics. To ensure optimised digestive health, you need to regularly ingest probiotics. Most of the digestion occurs in the intestines, so having the recommended daily amount of probiotics in your system each day will cultivate total body wellness. Taking probiotics daily can promote long-term intestinal health.

Most of your body's immune cells are located in the digestive tract. When you take probiotics, they play a vital role in maintaining a healthy balance in your intestines. When your digestive system is operating the right way, your body can effectively absorb nutrients. Digestive health is important in facilitating the optimal health and function of the tissues, cells, and organs in your body. So, the next time you sit down to eat that nutritious meal, thank those healthy bacteria that are helping your intestines properly digest food and help your body absorb those vital nutrients.

It is important to find a probiotic that has quality encapsulation so that it effectively delivers live probiotics to your large intestine. The live bacteria will do the most valuable work in the large intestine, so you need to do detailed research when deciding which probiotic supplements you ingest. Proper encapsulation of the probiotics ensures that the vital microflora will be well-protected from stomach acid, moisture, and oxygen. The microflora needs to survive until it gets from your mouth all the way to the large intestine--where it will benefit your body the most.

Are you taking a quality probiotic that contains 250 million cfu of Bifidobacterium longum and 250 million cfu of Lactobacillus acidophilus? Lactobacillus is a common probiotic that is found in fermented foods like yogurt and is helpful with certain strains of diarrhoea. Bifidobacterium is found in some dairy products and can help individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Other digestive problems, as well as diarrhoea, can be helped with Saccharomyces boulardii that is a yeast in probiotics. Probiotics can help if you have allergies, urinary issues, oral health problems, colds, and skin conditions like eczema.    

Do your research and find the right probiotic for you so you can enhance the health of your digestive system and live a healthier life.

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