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  • Bone Complex®

Bone Complex®

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Why take Bone Complex?

🦴Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
🦴 Contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones
🦴 Provides vital Calcium needed for the maintenance of normal bones

Twenty First Century Herbs Vegan Friendly Food Supplements

Our bones provide structural support and allow us to move. They safeguard our brain, heart, and other vital organs from harm. Minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which contribute make our bones strong, are also stored in our bones and released into the blood when we really require them for other purposes. Strong bones allow you to participate in community interactions like dancing as well as sports like cricket, golf, hockey, football and tennis. Strong bones help you get through long days at the office, no matter how tired your body is.

Your bones aren't fixed, despite what you may believe. They're living, functioning tissues that are always altering and adapting to satisfy your body's changing requirements. So, while they may not receive as much attention as other body parts, they are critical for muscle activity and body functions. Nutrients, minerals, vitamins and other supplements can help maintain bones and joints strong, and our product "Bone Complex" provides you with the following advantages.

Vitamin D; Vitamin D is vital for bone health because it helps your body absorb calcium and supports muscles that help you prevent falling. Vitamin D is required for the development of strong bones in children, as well as the maintenance of healthy and strong bones in adults. Our brains cannot absorb calcium properly without Vitamin D, which is necessary for good bone health.

Vitamin K; promotes bone mineralization and prevents osteoclasts from resorbing bone. Vitamin K can help people with osteoporosis boost their bone mineral density. It also lowers the number of fractures. Furthermore, human intervention studies show that vitamins K and D, which are both important for bone metabolism, work together to improve bone density.

Vitamin C: is required for the synthesis of collagen, which is the basis for bone mineralization. It also scavenges free radicals that are bad for your bones. Vitamin C deficiency results in increased osteoclast development and decreased bone formation, resulting in poor bone health.

Calcium; is important for the growth of children's bones as they grow. Calcium continues to support and preserve bones and prevent bone density loss, which is a normal part of the ageing process, even after a person has stopped growing. Women who have already gone through menopause are more likely to lose bone density. Calcium supplements may be advantageous for them because they have a higher chance of having osteoporosis.

Phosphorus; To sustain any growth in bone mass, both calcium and phosphorus are required, and a calcium supplementation that includes phosphorus is preferable to one that only contains calcium.

Magnesium; People who consume more magnesium have better bone mineral density, which helps to reduce the incidence of fractures and osteoporosis.

Zinc; promotes the production of bone-building cells while preventing the synthesis of cells that promote bone deterioration.

Manganese; is necessary for bone health, including the development and maintenance of bones. Manganese is required for bone metabolism and serves as a cofactor for several bone-building processes. Manganese promotes bone mineral density when paired with calcium, zinc, and copper. This is especially true for the elderly.

Proudly Made In The UK Rhubarb Complex
Proudly Made In The UK

      Testimonials & Reviews - The views expressed above are the opinion of Twenty First Century Herbs customers. Twenty First Century Herbs does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice.

      How do I take it?

      Our Bone Complex® has been designed so that you take 3 capsules per day, just before breakfast or lunch. 


      Can I take it alongside any medication?

      Yes, there are no contraindications with any medication.

      Are the supplements Vegan & Vegetarian friendly?

      Yes, all our products are vegan and vegetarian friendly. Our ingredients are 100% natural and have been handpicked by leading herbalists, based on 85 years of expertise.

      Are the capsules Gluten Free?


       Nutritional Information Per Serving (3 Capsules) % Reference Intake
      Vitamin D 1.5μg 30%
      Vitamin K 22.5μg 30%
      Vitamin C 24mg 30%
      Calcium  240mg 30%
      Phosphorus 210mg 30%
      Magnesium 112.5mg 30%
      Zinc 3mg 30%
      Manganese  0.6mg 30%
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