• Apple Cider Vinegar Complex™
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Complex™
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Complex™

Apple Cider Vinegar Complex™

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The ancient Egyptians were recognised as inventors of original Apple Cider Vinegar, or at least they were the first civilisation to recognise its medical benefits. Records show that as early as 3000 BC, the Egyptians used Apple Cider Vinegar as an antiseptic and also as a weight loss agent. Today, apple cider vinegar is almost exclusively taken by people who want to shed a few pounds. To avoid the strong acidic taste we have expertly created our Apple Cider Vinegar Complex into capsules. This means you can reap all the benefits but in a form that is much easier to swallow and digest. Our capsules provide nutritional support for dieters and in addition contain Lecithin and Vitamin B6 to help emulsify dietary fat and metabolise protein and lipids. They also contain Kelp, a rich source of Iodine which helps maintain normal thyroid function.


✔ Super High Quality Ingredients
✔ High Potency Complex
✔ In easy to swallow capsule form


✔ Helps promote Weight Loss
✔ Assists in regular thyroid function
✔ Helps the breakdown of dietary fat
✔ Helps metabolise protein and lipids
✔ Can help reduce cholesterol


Take 2 capsules preferably with water 30 minutes before a meal. Take up to a maximum of 6 capsules a day.

427.5mg Apple Cider Vinegar Powder
22.5mg Organic Kelp Powder 

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