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Twenty First Century Herbs Vegan Friendly Food Supplements

Experience the benefits of:

  • Improved Skin
  • Improved Coat
  • Improved General Wellbeing

A gentle but effective formula of Linseed Powder and Couch Grass designed to help your pets skin, coat and general well-being.

Your pouch will include 1 x 500mg scoop free of charge.


How do I take it?

Cat: Half - One Scoop Daily

Dog: Half - One Scoop Daily (Per 10kg Of Bodyweight)

Your pouch will include 1 x 500mg scoop free of charge.

How does it work?

When your pet is not getting the proper nutrition that its body needs, it shows itself in the appearance the fur / coat.

One of the first signs you may become aware if your pets nutrition is suffering is dryness in the skin, and/or a lack of shine in the coat and hair. Hair can appear dull and dry, look thin but tough, and even develop dandruff and present with skin that is dry and irritated, which can open them up to possible infection. This can happen in pets that are not eating properly, that are suffering from other health conditions, or that are not getting a good balance of extremely important from their food.

Supplementing with Well Pet on a regular basis could help with conditions related to the health of your pets skin and fur.

Well Pet provides a rich source of vitamins A and B, iron, rough fiber, and silica (for healthy bones, nails, coat, etc.)

Can I take it alongside any medication?

Yes, there are no contraindications with any medication. It should be noted that some pets that consume large amounts of couch grass may vomit. This is no cause for concern, as this is part of the digestive process. It is believed that dogs deeply know to eat couch grass to cause vomiting and (after that) cool the blood. This interesting little thing once again shows/tells about that our pets do know best when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

Linseed Powder – 2 Parts

Couch Grass Powder – 2 Parts

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