• Water Balance Pet™
  • Water Balance Pet™

Water Balance Pet™

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Twenty First Century Herbs Vegan Friendly Food Supplements

Can be used to support:

  • Kidney Health
  • Bladder Health
  • Urinary Tract Health

An expert designed formula of Couch Grass and Horsetail.

Your pouch will include 1 x 500mg scoop free of charge.



How do I take it?

Cat: Half - One Scoop Daily

Dog: Half - One Scoop Daily (Per 10kg Of Bodyweight)

Your pouch will include 1 x 500mg scoop.

How does it work?

As our pets age they may become more susceptible to these problems and kidney conditions are very common in cats and some breeds of dog. Diet may be a factor and in general dried and heavily processed foods should be avoided as they may aggravate the situation. Water Balance Pet is effective in maintaining bladder and kidney function and in treating some chronic kidney and bladder conditions, either alone or in conjunction with conventional medication.

In arthritic pets, this medicine may relieve the pain of arthritis as well as joint and muscular issues, while improving mobility.

Water Balance Pet promote mild water loss, helping to maintain normal urine flow and pH (acid-alkali) balance.

Can I take it alongside any medication?

Yes, there are no contraindications with any medication.

Couch Grass – 3 Parts

Horsetail – 2 Parts

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