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Calm Pet™

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Twenty First Century Herbs Vegan Friendly Food Supplements

Experience the benefits of:

  • Calm Anxiety
  • Settle Nervous Pets
  • Pacify Aggressive Behaviour

A gentle but effective formula of Vervain and Valarian designed to help your pets stay calm, soothe aggressive behaviour and settle anxiety.

Your pouch will include 1 x 500mg scoop free of charge.



How do I take it?

Cat: Half - One Scoop Daily

Dog: Half - One Scoop Daily (Per 10kg Of Bodyweight)

Your pouch will include 1 x 500mg scoop free of charge.

How does it work?

Calm Pet has been specifically designed with the highest quality herbal ingredients associated with the nervous system. The ingredients are antispasmodic, adaptogenic and all work on relaxing the nervous system, improving the pets ability to stabilise it's response to stress and allowing your pet to return to its best functioning level, providing calming relief to your body and mind.

Fear and stress and nervous behaviour in dogs and cats can be due to some many varied causes, from fear of a clearly stated/particular situation such as travelling, going into kennels or a visit to the vets to a constant overall feeling of fear and stress.

These problems can be really hard to deal with - both for pets and from their owners' opinions/points of view.

Can I take it alongside any medication?

Yes, there are no contraindications with any medication.

Vervain – 2 Parts

Valarian – 1 Parts

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