Smart Mushrooms™️

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Our Master Herbalists have created this bespoke blend of 5 medicinal mushrooms; Chaga, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Agaricus & Reishi. We have also included Baobab which is naturally high in Vitamin C to help the absorption of Polysaccharides. We consider Smart Mushrooms™️ to be the most beneficial mushrooms available online today, harvested to the highest standards and organic whenever possible!

Smart Mushrooms™️ is a powerful tonic for the body helping support the immune system, improve general wellbeing, reduce inflammation, increase memory and enhance both concentration and cognitive function. The added benefit is that the body can also benefit from the naturally high levels of vitamins and minerals found in our specialist mushrooms.   


✔ Super High Quality Ingredients
✔ High Potency Complex
✔ In easy to swallow capsule form


✔ Provides Essential Immune Support
✔ Supports Cognitive Function
✔ A Liver & Kidney Tonic
✔ Stimulates Immune System
✔ Reduce Inflammation

✔ An Adaptogenic Herb To Help Deal With Physical & Mental Stress


Take 2-4 capsules daily.

Chaga Mushroom - Wild
Lions Mane - Organic
Cordyceps Sinesis - Organic
Reishi - Organic
Baobab - Organic

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